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Originally Posted by DangerBrian View Post
I just wanted to say thank you for this well put together thread. I am an old shade-tree mechanic that hates to pay someone else to work on my car and the task of removing the intake to do a simple 10 min job was complicated by my lack of knowledge with anything that doesn't have a carburetor. Your pictures and step by step write up were priceless. I took my time; cleaned and replaced things I wouldn't have had access to otherwise and installed the relocation kit so I will never have to bother again with that sensor should it fail. Oh, and by the way - mine did fail with the "Low Oil Pressure" warning. Nice having a mechanical gauge to tell me the truth! I am a computer guy by trade and used to following directions; I really appreciate you taking the time to do this - big help! I am back in business
Well what a coincidence! I own a computer consulting firm! I guess we geeks have the same mindset and ability to follow directions. Thanks for chiming in. I can relate to that carburetor comment! I too found these motors to look foreign to me at first glance but once I found the service manual, I've been tinkering ever since.

If you want to see even more of my write-ups, I post them over at Digital Corvettes. I just posted one on the AC compressor, accumulator and orifice. Quite a job but if I can do it, you should have no problem.
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Hy guys, I am using this sensor for measuring oil pressure but on different engine. What is the electrical pin-out on sensor ?
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