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smokinvette 10-08-2007 02:10 PM

Updated User Titles:
Updated SmokinVette Corvette Forum User Titles:

"SmokinMember" 0-49 Posts
"Smokin 50HP Club" 50-99 Posts
"Smokin 100HP Club" 100-199 Posts
"Smokin 200HP Club" 200-299 Posts
"Smokin 300HP Club" 300-399 Posts
"Smokin 400HP Club" 400-499 Posts
"Smokin 500HP Club" 500-749 Posts
"Smokin 750HP Supercharged Club" 750-999 Posts
"Smokin 1000HP Twin Turbo Club" 1000-1999 Posts
"Smokin 2000HP Road Racer" 2000-2499 Posts
"Smokin 2500HP Pro Road Racer" 2500-2999 Posts
"Smokin 3000HP Drag Racer" 3000-3999 Posts
"Smokin 4000HP World Challenge" 4000-4999 Posts
"Smokin 5000HP+ Posting Maniac" 5000+Posts

*Users Titles are located below your username seen in a post that you have made.

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