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: ***May Sale Items***

05-01-2008, 09:05 AM
This coming Memorial Day weekend the Corvette is going to be pacing the pack at the Indy 500 for a record setting 10th time! Here at CorvetteGuys (http://www.corvetteguys.com) we want to give you some deals to help you outpace the competition both on the track and off. We have the parts to get you moving and to do it in style. So, check out our May Specials (http://www.corvetteguys.com/monthly-specials.html) and don’t forget we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders.

Corvette C5 Style Wheel (17x9.5) (http://www.corvetteguys.com/c5-chrome-wheel-17x95.html) - $194.99
Corvette C6 Z06 Chrome Style Wheel (19x12) (http://www.corvetteguys.com/c6z06-chrome-wheel-19x12.html) - $309.99
Corvette LS1 80mm Throttle Body (http://www.corvetteguys.com/bbk-ls1-80mm-throttlebody.html) - $324.99
Corvette LS1 Underdrive Pulley (http://www.corvetteguys.com/bbk-ls1-sfi-underdrive-pulley.html) - $207.99
C5 Corvette Stainless Steel Rear Insert (http://www.corvetteguys.com/stainless-steel-rear-bumper-inserts.html) - $53.99
C5 Corvette Stainless Steel Front Insert (http://www.corvetteguys.com/stainless-steel-front-bumper-inserts.html) -$53.99
C6 Corvette Stainless Steel Rear Insert (http://www.corvetteguys.com/c6-rear-stainless-steel-insert.html) - $53.99
C5 Corvette Pypes Exhaust - Oval Tips (http://www.corvetteguys.com/pypes-c5-violator-exhaust-ovaltips.html) - $519.99
C5 Corvette Pypes Exhaust - Quad Tips (http://www.corvetteguys.com/pypes-c5-violator-exhaust-quadtips.html) - $519.99
All Corvette Back Panel Mats (http://www.corvetteguys.com/corvette-back-panel-mats.html) - $83.99
All Corvette Fuel Rail Inserts (http://www.corvetteguys.com/fuel-rail-inserts.html) - $37.99
All Corvette T-Shirts (http://www.corvetteguys.com/corvette-t-shirts-tshirts.html) - $13.59

Twilight Crawler
05-07-2008, 09:21 PM
Man you guys always have some good prices. :party:

05-08-2008, 01:47 PM
We do what we can.....so you can do more of this :burnout: