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: ***April Sale Items***

04-01-2008, 07:55 AM
Spring is finally here and you know what that means……… burnouts at the track and waxing up the ‘Vette for the car shows. This month CorvetteGuys (http://www.corvetteguys.com) have a selection of wheels, exhaust and interior dress-up on sale to help get your Corvette ready for the spring and summer season. These prices are no April Fools Joke (http://www.corvetteguys.com/monthly-specials.html)!

c10901 – C5 MagnaFlow Exhaust (http://www.corvetteguys.com/c5-axle-back-magnaflow-exhaust.html)- $899.99
c10906 – C6 MagnaFlow Exhaust (http://www.corvetteguys.com/c6-axle-back-magnaflow-exhaust.html)- $999.99
c14209 – C6 Chrome 18x9.5 Chrome Wheel (http://www.corvetteguys.com/c6-chrome-wheel-18x95.html)- $209.99
c14232 – C5 Z06 MotorSport 17x9.5 Chrome Wheel (http://www.corvetteguys.com/c5z06-chrome-motorsport-wheel-17x95.html) - $189.99
c11801 – C6 BBK CAI Kit w/ Titanium Finish (http://www.corvetteguys.com/c6-bbk-chrome-cai.html) - $239.99
c17200 – C5 Steering Wheel Insert (Black) (http://www.corvetteguys.com/steering-wheel-insert-black.html) - $21.99
c17201 – C5 Steering Wheel Insert (Silver) (http://www.corvetteguys.com/steering-wheel-insert-silver.html) - $21.99
c17202 – C5 Steering Wheel Insert (Red) (http://www.corvetteguys.com/steering-wheel-insert-red.html) - $21.99
c13600 – C5 ACC Floor Mats (Black & Red) (http://www.corvetteguys.com/corvette-black-floor-mats.html) - $67.99
c13601 – C5 ACC Floor Mats (Red & Black) (http://www.corvetteguys.com/corvette-black-floor-mats.html) - $67.99
c13602 – http://www.corvetteguys.com/corvette-gray-floor-mats.html - $67.99
c15200 – http://www.corvetteguys.com/corvette-fender-gripper1.html - $19.99

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