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Originally Posted by Blue260 View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong, but after an extensive search on previous posts regarding the stock Bose 7 speaker configuration, just changing out the stock speakers (front and rear) with either Polk, JL, Boston Acoustics, Focal, etc., will really not enhance or justify the improvement without replacing the amp and front pancake sub-woofers.

Any positive feedback or experience would be greatly appreciated.


You CAN change out the 3.5" front Speakers with a good aftermarket ones and they will improve the high frequency notes. Some of the guys call them "Twiddlers". A lot of guy over at the corvette forum are doing this. You can replace the rear speakers with 5.25" speakers. Also, consider disconnecting the centre speaker, this will dramatically improve the front stage.

Also, here's a good reference...

I did all of this in the wifes car two years ago and it sounds great. I went with the Infinity Kappa series. The polk DB's are very popular.

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