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Originally Posted by c6vette View Post
Is 4.5 amp motors really enough power? I've seen some 10 amp polishers on the market. I do like the color coordinated pads and liquids.
The 10amp units you would be referring to would be rotary polishers, definitely not tools for the beginners and easily something an uninitiated novice would remove paint with in about 10 seconds.

The porter cable is a Dual Action Polisher, it relies on oscillation instead of rotation and b/c it doesn't spin it doesn't generate heat, thus its virtually impossible for someone to do irreparable damage to their finish with one (short of flipping the machine over and hammering their hood with it ) Not to mention the PC is the industry standard when it comes to machine polishing for the DO IT YOURSELFER... you'll find more PC's in garages across the world than any other polishing tool.

Basically comparing apples and oranges... but rest assured the PC is more than enough for most people to get stellar results on an average car.

Originally Posted by Blue Blood View Post
Is there any way to get one of the specials that we may have missed by a day or two. I'm interested in the waterless wash kit.

Unfortunately no... the daily specials are... well... daily. You guys get an everyday 24/7 discount on our products as it is, if your patient you can wait for the special to come around again, but as it stands now we run these specials from right about noon till noon the following day. We also bump the item here, as well as send out a daily TWEET if you're twitter user. Ample opportunities to jump on the deals while they're up... if you really are looking for a particular item and want to know if we'll be running a special anytime soon shoot me an email:

I'm more than willing to work with you on a particular product or kit if you need something specific. Also, if there is enough interest in a particular product or products we could always do a group buy on that item... we'd just need enough interest to justify an additional discount.

Use the code SMOKIN at checkout to save 10% off your next order at

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