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Here is another picture of the 3-4 clutch assembly ready to be installed in the drum.

The first plate to be installed is the new 3-4 apply plate. Here are a couple photo's of it being installed.

Next we will install the clutches and steels. Once again it will start with a clutch followed by a steel until all 8 frictions are installed along with 7 steels. Here are the photo's.

Now it is time to install the new pressure plate. These plates come in different thicknesses to adjust the 3-4 clutch clearance. You can also tighten this pack up by the use of thicker frictions. Some guy's will use different thickness steel plates or snap rings but I like to do it with frictions and pressure plates. Here is a photo of the pressure plate being installed along with the snap ring.

The drum is now complete. It is a good practice to check the clutch clearances with the use of feeler gauges after air checking the drum. Air checking the drum will seat the clutch pack and the snap ring in the drum. This will give us the most accurate measurement. Also while air checking the drum it will verify if there are any leaks in the drum and the seals of it. Here is a picture of the drum fully assembled ready to be installed in the trans. One picture of the trans without the drum and one with it in the trans.

In the next segment I will be assembling the reverse input drum and it's assemblies. Stay tuned and feel free to ask any technical questions. Enjoy the thread. Vince

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