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Dragon Supercharger Systems Announces the latest in several years of intensive development the gen 2 1000M supercharger system for all LSx vehicles including the newest LS3, LS7, and LS9 engines. The economic downturn has left the consumer looking for a better “bang for the buck” so we completely redesigned the Gen 1 system to accommodate and now introduce what is sure to be the most revolutionary leap forward in supercharging in a decade. On nearly every front the new system blows away the competition and promises new levels of unparalleled performance.

The Gen 2 System is a completely new re-design of the original 1000M system and incorporates the following new advantages:

  • Easier to Install – at an estimated 14 hours for total installation this supercharger system is the easiest and quickest of the supercharger systems available for the LSx vehicles on the road.Just pin the crankshaft, remove the manifold, bolt down the supercharger assembly, upgrade the fuel system, tune, and drive.that easy.
  • Improved efficiency – With the new patent pending transmission assembly the supercharger has been rotated so the inlet faces the front of the vehicle.This offers vastly improved filling of the supercharger which has increased efficiency over the entire power band
  • Fantastic New appearance – Unlike the Gen 1 1000M this system is completely exposed leaving the supercharger there for all the onlookers to admire. Coupled with the optional polished or painted finishes the system truly looks stunning under the hood of car.
  • Increased Platform compatibility – The 1000M was originally designed for the corvette application but the new Gen 2 system fits all the existing LS platforms and stays underneath the stock hoods! This includes the CTS-V, 4th Gen 98-02 F-Body, Trucks, GTO, Soltice/Sky Retrofits, RX7 Retrofits, and most custom LSx transplant vehicles. The hood clearance and variety of drive depths attainable with the new system virtually assures that this will be the most compatible supercharger system for the LS engine family ever.
  • New Patent Pending Dragon Labyrinth Intercooler ™ core – utilizing a bi-directional transverse core intercooler the supercharger maintains vastly improved air temperatures and efficiency allowing higher boost safely on the LS motor.
  • Base Kit is the Power Leader – With our base kit (5psi) adding a guaranteed 200 engine HP to your vehicle, we’ve placed the 1000M squarely atop the “bang for the buck” pile in terms of supercharging. Even with kits offering competing power levels, we guarantee better acceleration and straight line performance than competing technologies.
  • Increased Power Potential – Dragon’s patent pending air inlet design is vastly improved which has led to far more increased output of the supercharger system. The new Gen 2 system can achieve power numbers over 1000HP with the 3.3L blower and up to 1200HP with the upcoming 1000MX (a 4.0L) supercharger.
  • New LOWER PRICE! – The Gen 1 system was very complex and time consuming to produce meaning it couldn’t be sold any more affordably. With the increasing economic pressures the consumer demanded a better bang for the buck and we went back to the drawing board and delivered! The new base system starts at only $6650 vs the old system’s $7995 price tag…meaning that for the power output available the average consumer is now spending far less for more in the Gen 2 system. Compared to systems requiring hood changes or radically higher install times at performance shops this system is a hands down winner in the bang for the buck category.
  • 50 State Legality – Currently being tested in California we expect the new system to receive CARB certification by 2010 making it a fantastic option for those tight emissions areas in California and the ever increasing localities adopting the California standards.

In addition to the new changes the 1000M maintains the revolutionary advantages of the Gen 1 supercharger system including:

  • Under Hood Fitment – This supercharger system fits entirely underneath the STOCK hoods of the C5 and C6 corvettes, the GTO, The LS1 F-Body (98-02), CTS-V, and the new LS3 Camaro. While other supercharger systems have offered similar designs utilizing screw or positive displacement supercharger technology…all of them have required hood changes on the Corvette and have not fitted the older F-Body.
  • Industry Leading Supercharger Technology – In an exclusive partnership with Whipple Superchargers™ , Dragon has developed a positive displacement supercharger system that far exceeds the output of the Eaton ™ positive displacement supercharger systems currently in existence, including the factory offered LS9 supercharger system. Utilizing Whipple’s superior screw technology the system achieves far greater airflow per revolution without nearly as much heating of the air. Less heat translates to far greater boost safely and increased HP output.
  • Industry Leading 3.3L displacement – Unlike existing systems offered in 112 CID, 125 CID, 2.2, and 2.8L per revolution designs the Dragon 1000M utilizes the much larger 3.3 (200 CID) per revolution screw charger and optionally the 4L screw charger. The larger supercharger means larger drive pullies can be utilized for the same or better performance and that blower RPM’s remain lower leading to less heating of the air. Longer belt life coupled with increased efficiency of the larger slower spinning supercharger virtually guarantees that the Dragon 1000M will not be beat in the future in PSI to PSI power output tests.
  • Absolutely the most powerful system available.- Due to the massive efficiencies and revolutionary designs incorporated in the 1000M system the area under the power curve and overall torque output are unparalleled and the 1000M has achieved far greater power per PSI in all comparison tests vs. existing superchargers. While turbocharger or centrifugal Superchargers can reach higher peak numbers, neither can produce the power curve of the screw design 1000M….meaning you might lose the dyno competition by a couple of peak HP but you’re going to win the drag race by several car lengths. Typical base installations turn a stock C6 from a 14.5 ET to 11.9 ET (Testing done 5800ft altitude) and as fast as 10.8 (testing done at sea level) with as little as 6.5 PSI.
  • Industry leading upgradeability – The slowest we can turn this supercharger system produces slightly over 600HP but the fastest speeds generate over 1000HP. This means that with only additional driveline and engine upgrades that our system can support the future along with the customer’s increasing demands for more and more power. We’ve put as much as 22lbs of boost out of this unit on a built LS7 and made over 1100HP and 1200ftlbs of torque. Additionally because the positive displacement supercharger will easily handle high boost numbers properly built smaller engines can expect outputs of up to 35psi where necessary. Dual intercooler cores, ice tanks, huge fuel systems, etc can be added to this system for any application between daily driven street to all out drag racing.

We think you’ll agree that, when compared to the competition, Dragon has surpassed the performance, reliability, aesthetics, and over all appeal of all other similar superchargers….and we offer the newest 1000M supercharger as the new “bang for the buck” title holder in supercharging.

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