Corvette Audio

It’s the birthplace of the blues and rock & roll.
The roots of soul and hip-hop are still flowing through these muddy waters.

Memphis music is the real deal, whether at home on the porch or in the garage, cruising the avenue or rocking the concert hall. It’s haunting, soul-searching, pulsating emotion in four/four time.

The Memphis sound is raw and powerful. Diverse. True to the street. If you’ve heard it, you’ll never forget it. If you haven’t, it’s time to take your ride to Memphis.

We have been in the aftermarket car audio business for over 40 years. From the early days of under-dash 4-tracks, to the modern day monster amplifiers, we’ve been with you since the very beginning. Get in and ride with Memphis Car Audio for the next 40.



MCLASS – For the most discerning audiophiles, MClass is the best of the best. We use our highest quality parts for crystal-clear sound, bringing out the most in your music. Plus, MClass products offer a comprehensive warranty when installed by an authorized Memphis Car Audio dealer.  FIND OUT MORE HERE


SCLASS – Super slim designs perfect for application-driven installations. Now Memphis offers completely new SClass subwoofers that require just 3″ (or less) of mounting depth. The incredibly compact SClass amplifiers can fit where most amps can’t, while still providing impressive Class D power.  FIND OUT MORE HERE

Power Reference

POWER REFERENCE – All with features typically found in a higher price range, the Power Reference line even includes a powerful warranty when installed by an authorized Memphis Car Audio dealer.  FIND OUT MORE HERE

Street Edge

STREET EDGE – The value that commands respect. Street Edge amplifiers provide great sound at a great price with versatility in Class AB & Class D.  FIND OUT MORE HERE

Memphis Marine

MEMPHIS MARINE – That’s not the tide rockin’ your boat! You don’t have to be on the highway to have incredible Memphis sound. Memphis Marine components are water-resistant for use anywhere in the great outdoors and deliver a top quality sound you expect from Memphis Car Audio.  FIND OUT MORE HERE


ACCESSORIES – Don’t skimp on the things that allow your Memphis system to sound its best. Our connections, power kits, RCA’s and enclosures are designed to truly enhance Memphis amps, subs and speakers. Take your custom audio to its full potential.  FIND OUT MORE HERE

Signal Processors

SIGNAL PROCESSORS – It’s all about control. A great audio system should be custom tuned to your exact preference. Whether you want to replace lost range from compressed music files, or micro-manage your system, Memphis Car Audio has you covered.  FIND OUT MORE HERE

Enclosures & Grills

ENCLOSURES AND GRILLS – Get a perfect fit for your Memphis Car Audio subs with our own enclosure designs. (Subwoofers sold separately) Our new enclosures are upholstered with an embroidered black and silver Memphis Car Audio logo. The 3/4” medium density fiberboard is thicker on the entire box for improved sound quality, less flexing and the added ability to mount the baffle flush to the enclosure profile.  FIND OUT MORE HERE


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