The Corvette Diner in California – Great Food or Great Museum?

Anyone who is familiar with the San Diego area and also loves the Corvette will know and appreciate the semi world famous Corvette Diner. The Corvette Diner recently upgraded its venue but the food, fun, and history are still the same only in a bigger degree which lends to the question is the Corvette Diner a place for great food or is it a great museum?

The new location of the Corvette Diner is where the Officers of the Naval Training Center used to kick back and relax. The new spot has several advantages to the old location of the diner that used to be on Hillcrest. Such advantages include a ton more parking and a ton more space inside. And with more space comes more activates and history.

1Just walking into the Corvette Diner will have you thrown back into the 1950s when the Corvettes were young and life was carefree. Three distinct dining areas give three distinct characteristics to the retro diner and for the young ones there is even a 5500 square foot separated game room with video games and the like.

The food is amazing in both taste and price and the portions are more than enough to fill even the hungriest of guests. But it is the décor that will win over the Vette lovers.

In all three dining areas there is a multitude of homage being paid to the greatest American sports car ever made; the Corvette. There is even one section of the diner that is designed to feel as though you stepped out of reality and into a Corvette itself. The mood and feeling are further enhanced with such throw back features as a disc jockey spinning all your favorite oldies vinyl and a retro soda fountain reminiscent of the late 1950s era.

With all the nostalgia that lays within the walls of the Corvette Diner it is hard to determine if the place holds more memories of the Corvettes of yesteryear or just the era itself. Everything from servers to food is throwback and there a number of items on the menu that feature Corvette names such as the “Sting Ray Chili” that has come to be a staple of the diner.

The one thing you won’t find at the Corvette Diner is seriousness. All the business suits and elegant work cloths have been traded in for poodle skirts and bee bop attire. All the rush and have to have it now attitudes of today are happily left at the diner’s doorstep and replaced with a carefree feeling that cannot be beat.

For any Corvette lover a trip to the Corvette Diner at least once in a lifetime is a must. One meal there and you will see why so many have loved this little piece of nostalgia Heaven for so long and the answer to the question of great food or great museum becomes a resounding “YES” on both fronts. There is a sign hanging within the confides of the Corvette Diner that says, “You can’t go to Heaven in a sedan,”  but you can surely get a glimpse of it at the Corvette Diner where the kid in you can laugh like it used to without a worry in the world.

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