The 2006 Corvette C6 gets it all Right

The 2006 Corvette Z06 Represents a Pricey Bargain

The 2006 Corvette represented the second run for the already impressive C6 generation Vette and the inaugural generation model was going to be a tough act to follow. But follow up is exactly what the 2006 Corvette did and the engineers at Chevy had once again impressed the masses.

1Keeping with the throw back design of exposed headlamps, the 2006 Corvette did not stray from that formula and once again the exposed headlamps were back. This paid homage to the Vettes of the 60s but also accomplished something that was hard to do with a sports car; trim front end weight. Because the headlamps were no longer the hide way kind that they were just two years prior, the new C6 design enabled the Vette to not only look better (according to many opinions) but also to lighten the load a bit in an area where any weight decrease is a welcomed one.

The 2006 Corvette coupe and convertible models were powered by Chevy’s LS2 V-8 engine which was a 6.0 liter. To compliment the powerhouse, Chevy offered for the first time in 2006 paddle shifting six-speed automatic transmissions. While this indeed bumped up the price of the Vette considerably those who tested it said that the additional cost was well worth it.

The big news for the 2006 Corvette was the all new and faster Z06 model. This super Vette was almost $66,000 but even at that price it was considered by many experts as a bargain. The 2006 Z06 came equipped with the 7.0 liter LS7 V-8 engine that would quite simply fly down the road and the track. The car was faster and handled better than many European cars of the day and the super Vette did it at about half the price of the foreign name plates.

The base model coupe featured a one-piece roof panel that was removable and colored to match the car, but the buyer could also opt for a transparent plastic panel for a little more money. If the buyer really wanted to buck up some cash they could opt for the duel roof option and get both the colored and clear panels to use as they saw fit.

Two suspension packages were made available for the 2006 Corvette coupe and convertible and they were dubbed the Z51 Performance Handling Package and Magnetic Selective Control. Both offered unmatched handling when compared to their rivals both on and off the track though the Magnetic Selective Control was more for the regular and less racy drive.

Once again the 2006 Corvette came very well equipped and included such standard features as:

  • Leather Seats.
  • Duel Zone Climate Control with a Special Pollen Filter.
  • Power Everything (Even Seats).
  • Cruise Control.

Again for a little bit extra the buyer could opt for upgrades in features as well. The 2LT Preferred Package would have the buyer receive sport seats, a cargo net, and a luggage shade. Buyers could up the ante even more and go with the 3LT Preferred Package which would net them all of the 2LT features plus the heads up display, heated seats, Bose sound system, and even OnStar.

Once again Chevy improved on the new generation in its second year. While the 2005 Corvette C6 was certainly a welcomed work of art, the 2006 Corvette C6 was the completed masterpiece.

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