The 2005 Corvette Brings the Latest C6 Generation of Corvette to the Forefront

The 2005 Corvette Represents Years of Planning and Perhaps the Greatest Vette Yet

When the 2005 Corvette came to pass it was quickly proclaimed by many critics and enthusiasts to be the best Corvette of all times. Yet there where a fair share of those who criticized General Motors (GM) because the newest generation of Corvette looked more like an improvement from its predecessor and not a total redesign.

art8The first of the C6 generation of Corvettes began to be put together, design wise, in 2000 and made Vette history by becoming the first Corvette ever to be developed in tandem with another GM model. The C6 Corvette was being developed at the same time as the 2004 Cadillac XLR was taking shape. The Cadillac gained priority as it was to be launched first and was to represent GM’s resurgence into the luxury car brand. Only after the XLR was complete was GM then able to give its full attention to the C6 project. Because of that fact though, the C6 would not be a total redesign.

The 2005 Corvette was however extremely new in content. It grabbed much of its inspiration from the XLR and used much of the same fit and finish composite type body panels, interior design, and power train and road noise isolation. Some of the other most notable differences from the C5 generation included:

  • New Engine: The 2005 Corvette had an entirely new engine put into it. The LS2 was not only 50 horsepower more than its LS1 predecessor at a whopping 400 horsepower, but it came out a full 15 pound lighter as well.
  • Improved Chassis: The all independent suspension was the same as the C5 before it, but GM used all new and improved components through the suspension for an even better overall ride versus the C5.
  • Head Lamps: Taking cues from past generations of the Corvette, the 2005 Corvette and featured exposed head lamps.
  • Transmission: The 2005 Corvette, like the C5, offered a choice of six-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission. The automatic four-speed received programming called Performance Shift Algorithm, which it acquired from Cadillac, while the Tremec T56 manual six speed transmission featured a shorter shift lever and had more positive action.
  • Made Smaller: In an attempt to gain popularity and boost sales in Europe, GM decided to make the 2005 C6 Corvette smaller and less bulky. While this is certainly better for a more crowded pollution, they did receive much criticism for the move as some cited it was too small and compact for a true sports car.
  • OnStar: For the first time in Corvette history, the 2005 Corvette came with the option of OnStar, which is a voice activated system that can be used to call for help in case of an accident and can even assist in opening a locked door.

Though the 2005 C6 Corvette may have proved to be more of an evolution of the C5 as opposed to an entirely new automobile, the super car took huge steps in the way of refinement and performance. While it is true that it was made smaller than its C5 grand dad that just meant it was more agile and precise. The design showed flashes of the past and brought to mind the classic Sting Rays of 1963-1967 and above all else the 2005 Corvette represented true value. With all the improvements made its base price still came in under that of the last C5 produced. Power and performance; is there anything better?

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