The 1988 Corvette Marked 35 Strong Years for the GM Classic

The 1988 Corvette saw a True Limited Edition Produced

The 1988 Corvette represented the 35th year that the flagship sports car of General Motors was produced. To commemorate the year, GM came out with a true limited edition anniversary Vette that would see only 2,050 be sold. But the 1988 Corvette as a whole received special upgrades to the engine and chassis and made the 35th edition of the Vette a true joy for enthusiasts.

With total units sold approaching 900,00 General Motors was aware that they had to do something special with the 1988 Corvette and they did not disappoint. Some of the notable upgrades and tweakings done to the 1988 Corvette were:

  • More Ponies: The 1988 Corvette L98 small-block featured a reprofiled camshaft which gave the Vette an increase of five horsepower for an overall 245 bhp. While the pickup of horsepower was a welcomed improvement the torque on the 1988 Corvette was unchanged but still more than adequate.
  • Better Handling: Upgrades to the suspension were plentiful. The Z51 and Z52 suspension packages included restyled ‘Cuisinart’ rims that took on Z rated tires. The tires and upgraded suspension let the 1988 Corvette perform well even at speeds approaching 150 miles per hour.

art20A faster Vette that handled like a dream, what more could the Corvette Nation ask for? While not much, they did in fact receive more by the way of the 1988 Corvette 35th Anniversary Limited Edition. These cars were only offered as a coupe and featured a bright white lower body with matching door handles, mirrors, and rims. The interior was made up of a special white leather and featured special badges and embroidering throughout. There were also 35th Anniversary badges on the front fenders just above the grills and the door mirrors were actually heated. The sound system was enhanced with special Bose components and the interior offered maximum comfort by the way of an automatic climate control system with six way power point seats.

It was announced early by GM that only 2,000 of the special units would be made available, but when it was all said and done somehow there were actually 2,050 that were sold. Regardless of the actual number, the 35th Anniversary Limited Edition did in fact sell out and was declared an overwhelming success. What would later be known by Chevy was the sad fact that the small number of Limited Edition units would actually make up almost nine percent of all the units sold in that year.

The 1988 Corvette only sold a total of about 23,000 units and continued an unfortunate slide in sales that the super car had been experiencing over the last several years. This new low total was in fact the lowest number of units sold since the 1972 model year and meant that GM and the Corvette would have to wait for more time to pass before sales would again pick up. Still in the truest sense, the Corvette had stood the test of time. The Corvette had seen many changes and was into its fourth generation and at 35 years old showed no signs of going anywhere, any time soon.

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