The 1975 Corvette Adds Little but Still Sells Well

More Federal Regulations Slow up the 1975 Corvette in Speed but not in Sales

In the midst of the sweeping Government regulations that saw the slowing of the speedsters in America the 1975 Corvette came out with much to do about nothing. The car had very little changes and seemed to take things away rather than to add them.

1Because of the federal regulations that were supposed to come out the following year in 1976 demand for the convertible took yet another nose dive for the 1975 Corvette model year. In total only 4,629 total convertible units moved and this prompted Chevy to do away with the classic Corvette Roadster the next year. Ironically, the Federal regulations about roll over safety that would have prompted most car manufactures to end their convertible lines in 1976 never came to fruition but the mere threat combined with the sagging overall demand of the rag tops were enough to make GM to stick to its guns and put the Corvette convertible in a decade long slumber.

Though there were not really a lot of changes conducted to the 1975 Corvette Shark that raised the eyebrows of any enthusiasts there were still a couple that are worthy of mention. These included:

  • Parking Lot Protection: In addition to the already existing bumpers there were two black bumper pads that extruded out on each bumper. This offered the 1975 Corvette just a bit more protection while in a parking lot. This change was also the only noticeable exterior difference between the 1974 model and the 1975 model.
  • Big Block (Briefly): Chevy tried to reinstitute the 1975 Corvette with a big block but after a brief run the big engine was dropped very early in the model year.
  • Tachometer Drive: The tachometer drive for the 1975 Corvette was changed to electrical from mechanical.
  • Ignition System: The 1975 Corvette featured for the first time a beakerless ignition system.
  • Headlight Buzzer: Due to Federal mandates, the 1975 Corvette had a ‘headlight on’ buzzer installed.

With the short re-birth and subsequent quick death of the big block, Corvette lovers were again faced with little engine options and as had become the standard in the 70s little power. The base model small block for the 1975 Corvette only put out 165 bhp which was yet another decrease in the once mighty engine.

Really there was not much new with the Chevy Corvette for the 1975 year other than the advertising, which must have worked. Despite more lost power and nothing new to speak of for the mid-seventies Shark, the 1975 Corvette still sold 38,465 total units and the Corvette was once again knocking on the door of the historic 1969 Corvette which at the time held the record by only a scant 300 units.

While some critics were stating their concern with the lack of passion that the Corvette was beginning to display, the enthusiasts strongly disagreed. Though hampered by the Feds, the Corvette continued to soldier on and would prove once more that the Corvette Nation was as strong as it ever had been before.

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