The 1967 Corvette is considered the Best Vette Ever by many

The 1967 Corvette was the last Year of the C2 Generation and a Fitting End

The 1967 Corvette was the last of a five year run for the C2 generation. Originally, the 1967 was supposed to be a total redesign but top engineers at GM wanted more wind tunnel time and thus the 1967 Corvette became another carry over Sting Ray. While the now famed C3 generation would have to wait one more year before it began, the 1967 Corvette did not disappoint and would prove to be the best of the Sting Ray family and would eventually have many claiming it to be the best Vette ever made.

The 1967 Corvette was the most finely tuned Sting Ray to be produced and although the changes were not all that spectacular they did make for a much cleaner looking Corvette. Some of the more notable changes to the 1967 Corvette were:

  • Front Fender Vents: Five front fender vents replaced the three that were on the 1966 Corvette.
  • Back-up Light: The 1967 Corvette had a newly designed single back-up light which was mounted just above the license plate holder.
  • Wheel Covers: The 1967 Corvette did away with the older looking wheel coverings and made way for the Rally wheels which featured chrome beauty rings with small chrome center caps to hide the lug nuts.
  • Handbrake: The handbrake was moved from beneath the dash to between the seats for the 1967 Corvette.

art15The engines for the 1967 Corvette changes very little but did end up producing more power. Returning in 1967 was the two small block V-8s as too did the big block. This time though, the big block would be concealed under a redesigned hood scoop. Because of a switch to triple two barrel carbs, the two largest engines were able to put out 400 and 435 bhp.

Speed freaks could also get their fix with the optional L88 engine which featured many lightened parts and other special upgrades that gave the engine an incredible 560-bhp at the end of the day. The biggest problem with this super engine was the fact that it took only 103-octane racing fuel and consequently did not make for a good option to be driven on a daily basis. Still in 1967 20 buyers opted for the package that would add an enormous $1,500 to the base price of just over $4,200.

As the years would pass and enthusiasts and critics began to look back, more and more people would begin to label the 1967 Corvette as the best Corvette ever made. Though in the year 1967, this would not be the case as everyone was waiting for the now overdue C3 generation to be released. The result was the 1967 Corvette underselling the 1966 Corvette by 5,000 units. The newest Corvette was just a matter of time and when it was released many would be shocked to see that the Sting Ray name was taken away. Though added back in 1969 as ‘Stingray’ there would never again be another Sting Ray, especially not like the one that GM put out in 1967.

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