Safety Features and Innovations for the 2010 Corvette

1While it is well known that the 2010 line up of Corvettes feature some really quick 0 to 60 miles per hour times, what seems to get left out of many conversations is the safety of the vehicles. While you may not be able to tell with a quick glance, the fact is that the Chevy Corvettes are indeed packed with safety features and innovations like never before.

This is welcomed news for anyone who is interested in owning one of these legendary super cars as it is a comforting feeling knowing that the bullet you are driving will help to keep you as safe as possible while you are driving it. Here is a list of standard safety features and innovations for all 2010 Corvettes:

  • Electronic Stability Control (ECS): Detects and minimizes skids and helps with the overall control of the Corvette.
  • Child Seat Lower Anchorage: Even your little one can enjoy your new Corvette as it comes with the lower anchor on the passenger side which allows for the car seat to be more securely attached. Don’t worry; the passenger side air bag can be disabled when little ones are the passengers.
  • Advanced Air Bag Features: The 2010 Corvette has airbags that have advanced features and allow for no deployment when young children are in the passenger seat and also deploy in such a way as to lessen the negative effects that airbags tend to have on drivers and occupants in a crash.
  • Trunk Release: The 2010 Corvette features a trunk release for an easy and quick getaway if it is ever needed.
  • Four-Wheel Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS): ABS brakes on all four corners of the 2010 Corvette allow it to stop faster and in a shorter distance under greater control. This reduces accidents exponentially.
  • Pretensioner: During a sudden stop or a crash the seatbelts of the 2010 Corvette automatically lock into place thanks to a pretensioner. This safety feature allows for minimal movement during an accident and helps prevent injury.
  • Side Air Bag in Front: Air bags deploy from the side as well as from the front to help in a side impact collision.
  • Auto Crash Notify: This safety innovation works in conjunction with OnStar and the 2010 Corvette will automatically alert the call center when an accident has occurred. This gives your location and will also tell the call center if airbags have been deployed or not.
  • Daytime Running Headlights: As with many vehicles today the 2010 Corvette features daytime running headlights to help keep the vehicle noticeable to oncoming traffic. These never have to be turned on and are instead automatic which is helpful when weather deteriorates or a light fog rolls in.
  • Front Head Airbag: Air bags deploy from the roof as well to help protect the occupant’s heads in a collision.
  • Tire Pressure Monitor: When driving a car with the speed capabilities of the 2010 Corvette it is imperative to have proper tire pressures at all times. This system keeps a constant eye on tire pressure and will alert the driver if too much pressure is lost.

While having a car that can flat out run is wonderful, it is equally as nice to have a car that is safe to drive as well. While no vehicle is 100 percent effective in an accident, the 2010 Corvette does feature many safety innovations that go above and beyond the mere ordinary.

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