Prototype Development Group Making Moves in Their GTM

1Factory Five will sponsor PDG for upcoming events

Rich Migliori and his Prototype Development Team are making some serious moves with their Factory Five Racing GTM.  After finishing second in their class at 25 Hours of Thunderhill and 11th overall people began to take notice of their sweet ride!  The official SCCA publication “The Wheel” features the team and their accomplishments in a two page spread with some amazing photos that really capture the excitement of the race.

The article is a play by play of the 25 hours written by David Ray, who was behind the wheel for the qualifying laps.  He qualified the car in complete darkness which was a new track experience for him and he compared all the lights flying by him to something out of a Star Wars movie.

David speaks highly of the team’s enthusiasm, stamina, and hunger to race while remaining completely organized and professional on the track.  The drivers, Chris Durbin, Mikah Barnett and Keith Drake all did an amazing job and drove the GTM with exceptional skill leaving competitors in the dust.

2Factory Five Racing will be sponsoring the Prototype Development Group for their up coming events by supplying parts to enhance the performance of their already well built car.  We wish them much success and know they will represent Factory Five and the GTM in a highly respectable light!

“My experience with Prototype Development Group in the 2008 25 Hours of Thunderhill will be savored as a highlight of my racing memories.  This is a group of quality people, with an amazing passion for their sport, awesome expertise to build and fix, and a real sense of family” – David Ray


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