MTI Makes Fast Faster with the 2005 MTI Devil Ray Corvette

When Chevrolet announced that it would be coming out with the Corvette Z06 for 2005 and that the car would have an engine that would put out 505 horse power the Corvette enthusiasts hollered. But there was one group of Corvette lovers who were not phased one bit. Texas based MTI, who are frequent innovators in the automotive world were at the same time making preparations to release their version of the Corvette dubbed the 2005 MTI Devil Ray Corvette.

1Devil is an appropriate word for the car too as it is possessed with plenty of raw power. In fact, the Devil Ray features a full 100 horse power more than the Corvette Z06 does and it does it with an LS2 reworked engine. The cost of such wickedness did not come cheap however as MTI’s Devil Ray package cost almost 24 grand, but the results were phenomenal.

MTI took the factory cylinder block of the LS2 and then gutted it so they could fit it with:

  • A strocker crankshaft.
  • Lightweight connecting rods that were longer than stock.
  • Forged pistons.

The net result was a 427.6 cubic inch 7.0 liter engine that is the same as the Z06 only many horse power beefier.

MTI then fed this beast with a set of their Stage III cylinder heads that were competition ported. Additionally the cylinder heads were fitted with values that were stainless steel, dual valve springs, and finally retainers that were titanium. Add that to the cool air that gets fed to the engine via the installation of an MTI high flow air system and you are left with one fast engine.

Contrary to popular misconception these mighty Devil Rays also passed smog inspection in almost every state. Not too shabby for a Corvette that can go 0 to 60 miles per hour in under four seconds.

The speed though is almost eclipsed by the handling of the car which is of course upgraded. MTI did go a little on the low tech side for handling and relied on a nice set of Michelin PS2 tires mounted on their own special forged wheels to aid in the extra nimbleness of the Devil Ray. The strategy panned out and in the 600 foot slalom, the Devil Ray put in a 72.9 mile per hour run. As though that doesn’t sound impressive enough to just say, that beats the Ferrari Challenge Stradale by 0.2 mile per hour. If that doesn’t sound like a big deal, consider the price tag of the Ferrari and the feat is simply amazing.

The interior of the Devil Ray is known immediately as MTI added a slew of logos on the seats and recovered console. Above the shifter sits a serialized number which is extremely important as there were only 25 total Devil Rays that were produced. That means that this series of specialized Vette will surely become a collector’s dream further down the road. The 2005 MTI Devil Ray Corvette proves that when the circumstances are right, it isn’t so bad to be “running with the devil.”

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