Lost and Found – First 36 Years of the Corvette originally won in a Contest

In one of the most odd ball stories involving Corvettes ever, last month a collection of Corvettes that is owned by artist Peter Max was lost but then found. How you lose 36 Corvettes is truly a mystery, but it did in fact happen and the story leaves all Vette fanatics to scratch their heads and wonder.

The Corvettes were from a contest that the music video channel VH1 originally held back in 1989 in which the television station gave away 36 Corvettes in a random drawing. The winner of the contest received one Corvette for each year of production, or a 1953 Corvette all the way up to a 1989 Corvette. The winner sold the collection to Max for $250,000 cash, another $250,000 in art work and a percentage of all future sales of the Vettes with a cap of $1 million and then went on his marry way.

Max said that he bought the collection of Corvettes so that he could design them with his wild art work and then he planned on touring with them and eventually selling them off one by one. Max then put the Vettes in a basement parking garage in Brooklyn New York and forgot about them; literally.

1Over 20 years later and what was a great idea from the artist turned out to be a forgotten project. While nothing was ever talked about in the news in regards to these Vettes, some began to believe that the collection was lost forever. However, Max said that he had simply moved them and they now reside under a parking garage in Manhattan New York in an old newspaper building.

The most disturbing part of the story is that Max simply stored the vehicles and that’s it. He didn’t even use any car covers which would explain the layers upon layers of thick dust that now adorns all the Corvettes. There were even a few that had some significant damage on them which was probably caused by movers who simply did not care about the Corvettes.

Max says that he still intends to do something with the Corvettes and that he had good intentions with the purchase, but never got around to his idea. Now he is claiming that if he does go through with the project that he will even add another 14 years to the collection which will bring it up to the year 2003.

Also rumored now is a documentary to be done on the mysterious vanishing and then reappearance of the collection of Corvettes. It just seems such a shame to have so many wonderful Corvettes just dry rotting away in a basement, but then again if you have the money to do so you can pretty much get away with it.

Hopefully Max will follow through this time around and if he doesn’t, hopefully he will at least clean and cover these magnificent vehicles so that someone someday can enjoy them. Talk about an expensive idea that never got off the ground.

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