How to Increase Your Fuel Mileage without Getting Dirty

1While the prices at the pump are certainly way off of their highs it is still nice to be able to cut your fuel bill if possible. The problem is, that cutting your fuel bill often times mean installing something on the engine or getting down and dirty with your vehicle. However, there is plenty you can do right now to increase your miles per gallon and you won’t soil a single fingernail in the process.

There are a variety of ways to save on fuel consumption but there are five that will work no matter what kind of vehicle you have. So whether you have a V-8 or a four banger the following will help you cut your fuel costs:

  1. Stop Racing for the Checkers: When you are on your daily commute try slowing down just a bit. Unless you are running a race, there is no need to drive aggressively. Driving aggressively is not only going to lead to rapid acceleration as well as heavy braking which kills your miles per gallon average, but it will also put you and others at a greater risk of an accident. Driving like a maniac can cost you up to five percent of your fuel economy around town and up to a monster 33 percent on the highway. Moral of the story; ease up just a bit.
  2. Shed the Junk in Your Trunk: Want to get paid to clean out your car? If you have 100 pounds or more worth of junk in your trunk you are costing yourself about two percent in fuel efficiency. By clearing out the clutter, you will be instantly increasing your fuel economy so in essence you will be paying yourself to clean up your car just a bit.
  3. Don’t Sit Idle: When your car is stopped and idling you are achieving exactly zero miles per gallon. Many of you will run into this problem when commuting to work in the morning. Instead of leaving when it is rush hour, try to leave about a half hour earlier. If you don’t want to get to work that early, or just like your sleep, try taking an alternate route that is perhaps more rural. While the miles may be a few more, you will still save fuel if you are not constantly at a standstill.
  4. Observe the Speed Limit: Having a lead foot on the highways leads to two things; tickets and poor miles per gallon. In fact, depending on the car you have and how much of a lead foot you have you could be costing yourself $0.20 or more per gallon. That adds up quickly and so too will the tickets you will inevitably accumulate.
  5. Cruise on by: It is a common misconception that cruise control will cost you miles per gallon on the highway. Actually the opposite is true. Because you will be maintaining a steady speed using your cruise control on the highway you will be achieving less fuel consumption. While perhaps not so dramatic of a savings, a savings is a savings. Besides, if you have your car on cruise control you are less likely to speed or drive aggressively so it is a true win-win.

There are indeed other tips that will also increase your miles per gallon, but they may require you to get down and dirty with your vehicle. Employing these five tips will get you started on your way to better miles per gallon and a savings at the pump and best of all will leave your hands spot free.

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