GTM Supercar Second Fastest ALL-Time


The Factory Five GTM is the second fastest car ever tested by Car and Driver Magazine.  That’s right.  Only the all-wheel drive, 1000 hp, Million dollar Bugatti Veyron recorded a faster 0-60 mph time!

The crew at Car & Driver Magazine just published a really cool compilation of all of their test numbers for the last 50 years!  This should forever end bench-racing arguments about the fastest cars of all-time and give us all a nice refe

rence point for comparing vintage cars from the 60’s to modern cars.

The big news for us is that the stock LS7 powered Factory Five GTM that was tested just last year by Larry Webster out at the Bondurant track in Arizona is at the very top of a very expensive and impressive heap!

The GTM was the second fastest car ever tested in 0-60 mph and fourth fastest in the quarter mile.  That’s some pretty heady stuff.  Here’s the performance charts, but for the complete data set click here.

The only car on the planet faster that the GTM 0-60 mph (3.0 seconds) was the Bugatti Veyron at an amazing 2.5 seconds.

The only cars on the planet capable of outrunning the GTM in the quarter mile (11.0 seconds) are the Bugatti Veyron at 10.1 seconds, the Hennesey twin turbo Ford GT at 10.6 seconds, and the Saleen Twin Turbo S7 by a narrow margin of 0.1 seconds at 10.9 seconds!

The cars that tied the GTM in the quarter are only the Mosler MT900 and the Lingenfelter Dodge ACR Viper.

Cars the GTM bested read like a who’s who of exotic supercars and include the mighty Ferrari Enzo and Ferrari 599 GTB, and the Porsche Carrera GT and 911 GT2 Turbo!

The data compiled by Car and Driver is really fun to read and includes a very interststing collection of all of our favorite cars from over the years.  Check out the full article and if you have a GTM or are building one, smile big and wide when ANYONE pulls up next to you at ANY light in ANY town in the world.  That’s cool man!

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