ExxonMobil and Corvette Racing Extend Partnership

For the 14th consecutive year two great names in racing will once again be working together as ExxonMobil and Corvette Racing have agreed to extend their partnership another year. As part of the agreement ExxonMobil will supply Mobile 1 lubricant in the form of synthetic racing oil as well as technical and engineering support to Corvette Racing.

1The announcement came just before the debut of 2010 American LeMans Series (ALMS) which was held earlier this year at the famed 12 Hours of Sebring and was sponsored by none other than Mobil 1. As in the past, the new Corvette Racing vehicles dubbed the C6.R will feature the Mobil 1 brand as its associate sponsor. Along with the cars featuring the synthetic oil name, so too will the driver’s fire suits as well as the clothing and suits of those working in the pits servicing the Corvettes.

Not only does the agreement extend the sponsorship between ExxonMobil and Corvette Racing, but it also extends the use of Mobil 1 in the racing Vettes for the 17th year in a row. That is a true belief in your sponsor and it is nice to see that Corvette Racing used the product even before they received any support from ExxonMobil.

In the very corporate world that racing has become, many teams will sport the logos of sponsors that they do not use and at times do not believe in. This is a needed burden to bear as racing is an expensive business to be in and it is the sponsors of the sport who foot a good deal of the bills for the teams. However this is not the case with Corvette Racing and ExxonMobil though as the two have been working in tandem now for some time and have been racking up the wins and trophies as a result of the relationship.

The two entities have enjoyed much success together over the past few years and many a Corvette Racing driver has landed atop the podium sporting the Mobil 1 logo on their fire suit. As of last year at the end of the GT1 run done by Corvette, they had won 77 races, eight consecutive ALMS GT1 Team and Manufacturers Championships, and seven straight driver’s championships as well. While these stats are impressive they only scratch the surface and showcase the accomplishments of the joint effort in one class of racing.

This ALMS season look for the number 2 and number 3 Compuware Corvettes to be winning a lot more events with Mobil 1 oil in their engines and the logo on the car. Once again this year as in years past, the Corvette Racing Team and ExxonMobil look to dominate in every sense of the word on the race track. While those watching on television will be able to get a good look at the Mobil 1 logs that will be adorning the Corvettes, those on the track will simply see a blur as the members of Corvette Racing go flying by.

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