Edelbrock Comes out with New E-Force Supercharger for the Corvette LS3 Engine

Whether it is street or strip when you want more speed out of your C6 Corvette you want more speed. A great way to accomplish this speed is with a supercharger and there is little doubt that a great company to deal with when it comes to supercharger is Edelbrock.

Edelbrock has always been a name that has been synonymous with speed and there new supercharger kit for the C6 Corvette proves that statement to be accurate. With there all new E-Force supercharger kits, you can take your street or comp Vette to amazing limits without a heap of modifications being conducted.

1The street kit will push the limits of your stock from the factory LS3 engine. With its all new design the kit is capable of having your LS3 engine push out an unreal 554 flywheel horsepower and an impressive 515 foot pounds of torque when using the stock fuel pump (kit # 1590). You can up the power to a beefy 599 flywheel horsepower and 547 foot pounds of torque if you opt for the high volume fuel pump (kit # 1591).

The E-Force supercharger uses the same rotor assembly unit as today’s Corvette ZR1 in the Eaton Twin Vortices Series Gen VI. Additionally it uses a dual core heat exchanger and air to water twin intercooler system. The system takes advantage of 12 inch long runners to optimize torque, but the system still allows for better fuel economy at lower speeds due to the reduction of parasitic loss via the use of an internal bypass valve.

Now you may be thinking that all this power means that your hood will have to be cut. While that may be true of some supercharger kits, the Edelbrock E-Force allows for everything to fit under your stock hood. That means no modification is necessary to the hood, the hood liner, or the hood cowl.

This system includes everything you need to gain the extra boost of power including injectors, an air intake system that is high flow, and even a programming module that is handheld so that you can update the ECU of your Vette when you are done installing the hardware. They even come with matching coil covers for a great look when the hood is raised. Add on the option of a five year 100,000 mile warranty and you have one winning supercharger kit.

If you want to take advantage of this supercharger for your strip Vette then Edelbrock offers a comp version of the E-Force system as well (kit # 1592). This kit provides the core components and eliminates the injectors, engine covers, and programmer. Also deleted is the supercharger drive pulley which allows you to use one of four pulleys that range in size from 2.75 inches to 3.50 inches depending on your desired boost level.

These kits will of course range in price but they start at about $6500 and go up from there. Once again Edelbrock proves to be all about speed and by using one of their E-Force kits you can make the most out of your LS3 engine without having to do a ton of modifications.

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