C8 Corvette in Works as well as C7 Corvette but with Radical Changes Planned

Alright, everyone who is getting sick of GM saying that the next generation of the Corvette is going to be a mid engine raise your hand. Well GM is at it again only this time they are talking about radical changes to come to the C8 generation of the American muscle car.

1This move is indeed odd as GM has yet to release any concrete plans are for the C7 Corvette which is already the source of many rumors and speculation. Now GM throws this gasoline on the fire and word is spreading fast.

The radical changes that GM is talking about now for the C8 Corvette include making the eighth generation Vette come with not only a mid-engine location but also having that engine be a high powered six cylinder as opposed to the traditional eight. This is not the first time that GM has spread such rumors, but this is the most aware that GM and the rest of the planet have been in regards to being green.

Also rumored for the C8 is a body that will be composed of something other than fiberglass. This breech of protocol is also not a first, but with all this talk of change it seems that GM just might be serious about lessening its carbon footprint and the mighty Corvette would certainly be a great place to start.

As for the C7, who knows? The rumblings on that is that it will come out in the next couple of years and most speculate it will be in 2013 as a tribute to the Vette’s 60th birthday. While it is known that GM is actively seeking design ideas from the United States and abroad, what is now being said is that the C7 will be a more conservative model of the C6. Putting conservative next to Corvette though, just doesn’t look right.

Once again, only time will tell how the C8 plays out and the C7 for that matter. While the GM engineering minds are brilliant, it is doubtful that they will begin too much work on the C8 before they are totally finished with the C7, but then again GM is known for their sometimes radical ways of doing things.

If the C8 is to have a V-6 it better come with plenty of power or those who have been faithful all these years to the Corvette may find their way to a different brand. But if there is one thing that GM has been able to show in the past is that even smaller engines can be capable of some amazing outputs especially when they are coupled with superchargers and the like.

Ultimately what comes out will have equal praise and criticism but one thing is abundantly clear with GM: the Corvette is not going anywhere any time soon. So all you lovers of the Vette can breathe a bit easier knowing that GM at least plans on two more generations of the Corvette with many more to probably come.

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