2013 C7 Corvette

Fans of the Chevrolet Corvette have been smiling for almost a month now, ever since General Motors stepped out of bankruptcy court and into the spotlight, announcing their product-plans for the next two years worth of Chevy, Cadillac, Buick and GMC vehicles. Among the upcoming new models is a new C7 Corvette, which some are referring to as the 2012 C7, though the reality is that it will be launched in April, 2012 as a 2013 model.

Details about the new C7 are scant – the folks at autoblog.com joked that they can guarantee only “…an engine up front driving the wheels out back,” which implies that plans for a mid-engine design have been trashed.

The rest is rumor, and the biggest rumor is that the 2013 C7 will be smaller and lighter than the current model Corvette, the C6. Materials likely to be used include aluminum, carbon fiber, and magnesium, though more than once source has also mentioned the use of balsa wood (sandwiched by carbon fiber) for the floorboards.

In terms of power, less weight isn’t a bad thing, and the C7 could achieve up to 638 horsepower if it uses a Roots-type positive-displacement supercharger. Other technology rumored to be considered for this car is a dual-clutch gearbox, a necessity in almost every modern supercar. Since the 2010 Corvette already includes launch control as a standard feature, it’s likely that will continue in upcoming models.

Equally vague is a description of the car’s exterior. Some evidence points to the Stingray Concept Car from the 2009 Chicago Motor Show as a likely form, but other reports claim GM is going in a different direction, not yet disclosed. Either way, there’s a good chance the design chosen will find its basis in the current C6, just as that car was formed from the foundation of the C5.

No pricing has yet been revealed for the 2013 C7 Corvette, but the MSRP for the 2010 Corvette ranges from $48,930 – $106,880, and it’s likely the new car will be priced in a similar fashion, inflation notwithstanding.

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