2010 Minneapolis Auto Show Sports the Corvette ZR1 and Corvette Grand Sport

Each and every year all the name plates bring their biggest and their best to the Minneapolis Auto Show. This year the Corvette camp was represented in full force; literally.

Along with the standard Corvette coupes and convertibles were a number of stunning Corvette ZR1 and Corvette Grand Sport editions. With all of the Vettes in attendance it was as though they were getting ready to go off to battle together. So why all the hub bub over the Corvette this year at the show?

1Corvette keeps outdoing itself and with all the Vettes in attendance there was no better proof. As if the Corvette Z06 wasn’t fast enough, the great minds that re the GM engineers have brought back in full brilliance the Corvette ZR1 and this year’s edition is more powerful than ever with over 600 horse power off the showroom floor. The Grand Sport is as tribute to the 1997 model which was a tribute to a very limited set that only made it to the race track way back in Corvette’s history. Once again Corvette learns and improves thanks to its past.

With the new model year just around the corner there is much abuzz about what GM is going to bring to the table for the 2011 Corvette line up. One sure bet is the Corvette Z06 Carbon limited edition that was also being shown off to the delight of the huge crowd that always seemed to be surrounding it.

While the show offers up the best and the brightest from many car manufacturers it was a no brainer to say that Chevy stole the show with their Corvettes. If there was ever a doubt, a quick look at the massive crowds that formed around the Corvettes would convince anyone otherwise.

Really why shouldn’t people be impressed? Yes the Corvettes of today are pretty pricey, but when you look at what you get for your money a real bargain begins to uncover itself. With the speed and the nimbleness that the top Corvettes are now able to achieve, the Corvette is once again a global player and is not just dominating everything made in America, but also everything made elsewhere; and the Corvette is doing it all for a mere fraction of the cost of some of the more expensive exotics.

While 2011 promises to be even bigger and better for the Corvette, the Minneapolis Auto Show certainly showcased what Chevy currently has and gave just a little taste out of what was to come. The lucky few that got to enjoy this year’s show were treated to a Corvette buffet that would give even the staunchest enthusiast their overflowing fill.

So until next year when the 2011 Minneapolis Auto Show rolls back around the Corvette Nation will just have to wait with high expectations as to what is to come. If the Corvette gets any faster though, it may just be featured at an air show instead of an auto show because it will flat out fly; and they darn near do already.

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