2010 Malibu Corvette Boat Limited Edition Sport V

For many the only thing that compares to a Sunday afternoon drive in their Corvette is an afternoon on the water in their boats. While the Corvette is truly a miraculous car you cannot drive your Corvette on the water, but it is now possible to own a Corvette Boat that is to the water what the Vette is to the street.

The boat makers Malibu designed a boat in 2008 in conjunction with GM and for all intensive purposes it was a Corvette disguised as a boat. Everything from the look of the boat with a Corvette rear end complete with mock tail lights to the speed of the boat seeps Corvette. As impressive as the earlier model years were, this year Malibu has really outdone itself and put out a fitting tribute to the Corvette.

1The 2010 Malibu Corvette Boat Limited Edition V is a true work of art form top to bottom. It can accommodate you and up to seven of your friends and family with a spacious design that is comfortable to boot. While the boat is indeed meant for the water, the engine is anything put tame. The 2010 Malibu Corvette Boat Limited Edition V has an LS7 engine that spits out 400 standard horsepower and has a maximum horsepower output of 505.

The styling of the boat is amazing and is probably the best looking design that Malibu has put out yet. Make no mistake about it you will feel as though you are driving your actual street Corvette on the water. And if anyone wants to doubt your dedication to the American Icon, one look on the sides of the hull will reveal the Malibu for what it is as Corvette emblems adorn both sides.

With all the comforts of a real Corvette nothing is left off of this boat. The gauges look just like a production Corvette’s and the stereo is state of the art. Even the two front seats resemble the street Vette. At times you will forget you are boating and think you are just driving with the top down.

As far as price goes don’t expect to get off easy. The 2010 Malibu Corvette Boat Limited Edition V is also priced like a street Vette and you can’t even get an actual price until you call the dealer nearest you. Though the price is no doubt sky high it does include a special Corvette trailer for your Corvette boat.

If you demand the best, then you demand the best and there is no reason for you to tool around in a dingy when a sophisticated piece of boating genius such as the Corvette boat exists. Imagine the look on the faces of your friends when you have them all meet you for a ride in your new boat and they pull up and see you step out of your street Vette and into your wet Vette. If you have the passion and the money, you can see that scenario come true with the 2010 Malibu Corvette Boat Limited Edition V.

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